A big mac has a carbon footprint equivalent to driving a combustion engine car almost 8 miles

It is incredibly clear, that carbon reductions cannot stop when we have gone electric in cars, and greened out grid, along with are heating.

What is unfortunately clear, is that we ignored climate change for too long. It is now not good enough to merely make small changes. We need to go fully electric with as much transport as possible, as well as heating, and plant many trees to soak up what carbon we do release

Unfortunately, it is clear that we need to cut the carbon footprint of our diets as well. Beef has a large carbon footprint – its plant based beef patties are responsibly for 120 grams of carbon, instead of 2.11kg.

Will lab-grown meat arrive to cut this down? possibly, but will it arrive soon enough to help us out? I dont know.

What is clear, is that those of us in the West need to dramatically cut our carbon footprint in the next few years, not in a few decades. As such some changes in diet will be needed.

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