Rare Iranian cheetah born in captivity for first time 0 – and its triplets

According to a statement at the beginning of this year, just 12 cheetah remain in the wilds of Iran. As a result, these triplets are a large percentage of the world population. Unfortunately one of them died in the first month. This is not uncommon in extremely low population numbers, because genetic weaknesses get passed down more often than in a healthy population.

Iranian cheetah cubs- the first to be born in captivity. If she manages to continue to breed effectively, there could well be many more in 5 years.

The female should be able to continue to breed for 5 years, so it is quite possible for her to have as many descendants by the time that she does, similar to the whole wild population.

What needs to happen, is that poaching of both the cheetah and its prey must stop, as must cheetah deaths on roads. I hope that my grandchildren will grow up in a world where cheetahs have returned to some of the 28 countries that they are currently locally extinct. I believe that saving the Asiatic cheetah is better than importing them from Africa, nevertheless it is good to refill as much of this niche as possible.

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