The British Met office (compiling much of the weather information) say 50-50 chance of exceeding 1.5°C in the next 5 years – a level of warming it is agreed will be bad for us

For years, we have talked about limiting global warming to 2.0°C, but aiming for 1.5°C – as the former level will cause many long-term problems.

Now, they do suggest that this would (at least in the first place) be temporary. However, what is scary, is that this temperature only went above 1°C in 2015 – in other words, just 7 years ago.

They believe that the odds on at least one of the next 5 years exceeding the 1.5°C warming level is 48% or alarmingly close to 50:50.

We should be terrified. What is essential, is that the world moves to a place where the human race is a carbon neutral species.

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