The north of the country of Myanmar has been found to play host to a wide range of large mammals

We have watched with horror, the problems that Myanmar has suffered over the last few decades. Perhaps one of the positives though is the fact that often when this sort of thing happens ecosystems are given time to recover.

This appears to be the case in the the snowy north.

40 different large mammals were sighted on the camera traps. These include Red pandas dholes Shortridges langurs and takins. As a result of the study, a recommended southern extension of a local national park, could protect this special area.

Clouded leopards are also present (a species that could encourage tourists to come and visit).

With few roads in the area, at the moment it is only accessible after several days hiking through unforgiving terrain. This has protected it from destruction, but also from discovery.

We must just hope and put pressure on Myanmar to protect this area before it is destroyed.

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