Nigeria is becoming the clearing house for poached animals from throughout west Africa: they must stop it

Between 2015 and 2019 30 tonnes of ivory and 167 tonnes of pangolin scales were seized. This equates to roughly 4400 elephants dead, and 167,000 pangolins. As in other places, the illegal wildlife trade tends to bring in crime, with the same gangs handling humans drugs minerals and weapons..

This makes it clear that Nigeria must get control of this trade, not only for the wildlife or for its global reputation, but also to stop the gangs damaging their own people.

Unfortunately, Nigeria has a serious problem with corruption. This means that guards and customs people are used to taking bribes, which makes it hard to make them stamp out this criminal behaviour. Unfortunately in this case, if the behaviour is not stamped out rapidly, it is likely to allow the emptying of much rainforest in this region of the world.

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