Another wild creature making a comeback during the coronavirus shutdown-leatherback Turtles

Leatherback Turtles have for millennia dig their nests to lay their eggs on beaches of the right latitude around the world.

It is unfortunate that the characteristics that humans look for, in a good beach, are identical to Turtles, and over the last couple of centuries we have taken away many of these historic beaches from the remaining Turtle population

Human enjoyment of beaches has made this impossible in many parts of the world, but due to the coronavirus and the shutdown that is trying to stop the death rate going even higher, these beaches are deserted and leatherback Turtles are returning to old haunts that they have not enjoyed for centuries.

In recent weeks leatherback Turtles have been found nesting in large numbers in both Thailand and Florida. Also to their advantage there are fewer motor boats out, which cause significant number of mortalities each year due to collisions.

While both boat and beach use will likely increase dramatically after lockdown, it does not seem unreasonable with an occasional stretch of coast to put aside sections for Turtles to use (by blocking its use for humans).

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