YouTube finds an excuse to remove Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans

While YouTube has benefited from being able to premiere Planet of the Humans, with many millions having watched it, the uproar about it has not been positive. 

It is poorly made, with tired long destroyed arguments, and long out of date clips and facts (which are no longer true).

However, this appears to have been Michael Moore’s undoing. When you twist clips to point to something untrue, any clips for which you have no permission can be problematic. 

The owner of one of these clips complained to YouTube, and as a result the entire film was taken down. While this may be temporary, it is a big setback, and alongside the other arguments against it, it could be the final nail in its coffin. 

Perhaps, it will also give time for truthful film makers to make video to explain its lies, misleading statements and outright falsehoods and for it to be understood for what it is. 

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