The critically endangered orange bellied parrot has had a bumper year

The orange bellied parrot great between the mainland of Australia and the Tasmanian southwest each year to breed

Orange Bellied Parrot

This year only 23 parrots arrive to breed, but after 6-months 118 birds have been counted. Not all of this are young birds as the authorities had release 34 Birds bred in captivity to Bolster the 23 that arrived. These two groups combined and had 37 fledglings, and had a further 47 captive bred fledglings added to their number.

The migration and winter are hard, so it’s possible that only half of these will return next year. Even so this is an impressive increased from around about 3 mature females in 2017.

While this is impressive work it is definitely necessary to deal with the underlying cause of the reduction in numbers. Too many species do not have conservation is to work on bringing them back from the brink and they disappear largely unnoticed.

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