More articles coming soon, just returned from holiday, children still at home

I just wanted to drop a personal note, to state that the blog has not been abandoned. We have just returned from a holiday in remote parts of Sweden and there will be a number of articles coming soon. Among other highlights we spent a night at the Bear hide and encountered a few wolves.

We are also working hard on starting to get up the first few nature reserves to allow this to become an encyclopaedia of such places. The intention is to have the ability to view and book as many reserves and wildlife related natural encounters as is possible, so to make wild travel in Africa and elsewhere simpler.

Assuming the website starts bringing in money in the near future, there are many plans about future travelling and other aspects of extending the website. However at the moment the majority of the travelling I do is with my family, and as such it should be noted that all encounters we had in Sweden had my daughter who is 5 and my son who is 3 in tow. They are interested in wildlife too and as such will this week, before they go back to school, be helping me put together some of the information from the reserve that we will be putting on this site in the near future.

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