A jaguar refuge in Mexico is under threat from deforestation and expansion of tourist projects

It is essential that tourists do not damage the places that they visit! I would think that this is obvious, but this is something that often does not occur to the majority of people, to do a quick search and work out if their visit will damage the area.

Beautiful reserve in Northern Mexico, where Jaguars and other animals survive and thrive

Chamela- Cuixmala is in the west of Mexico, and is one of the best-studied dry tropical forests, and has a population of Jaguars and Pumas amongst many others. This reserve was originally founded as a private reserve, but the government has recognized it and expanded it.

Unfortunately, the area surrounding the reserve has faced many problems, making it increasingly hard for animals to safely move in and out of the reserve. The reserve has been recognized by UNESCO. The reserve protects 72 species of mammals, 270 birds and 20 amphibians.

Jaguars are a natural part of North Americas fauna, and were once found throughout the southern US. With reserves like this near the USA Mexico border, Jaguars are going to be able to spread into the southern states with relative ease.

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