Recent evidence suggests that dingoes arrived in Australia 1500 years later than first thought: why is this important and should it give us more courage in repatriating Tasmanian devils to the mainland

While the dingo made look like part of the native fauna of Australia, that is not the case. They were bought there by aboriginal people. 

the dingo may look like a domestic dog, there has been little or no interbreeding for 4000 years with other dogs that were domesticated

This latest research suggests that they arrive far later than once thought – but why does this matter? It shows the speed with which the damage was done.

What was this damage? Well the extinction of a whole range of local species, such as the mainland population of Tasmanian-tigers and the Tasmanian devil. In wonderful news the first Tasmanian devil has recently been reintroduced to a reserve on the mainland.

The simple fact is that the Australian dingo is the first invasive species caused by humans. The dingo has been there for roughly 1500 years, therefore some would argue it is now native. While I am not proposing the dingo’s be exterminated immediately, it should be recognised that it is an invasive species and careful assessment should be done on whether the damage it will do to Australia is complete or whether it threatens the Australian ecosystem further and should be removed. It is highly likely that the continued presence of dingoes will make the recovery of the Tasmanian devil impossible, perhaps this alone should be enough reason to eradicate them? It is a clear decision that humans must make, failing to make it is to acquiesce to all the future damage that the dingo will do.

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