Chocolate coffee soya and even palm oil appears to be under threat by climate change

Crops around the world are under threat from climate change. Chocolate and coffee may merely be crops that the western wealthy countries enjoy, however palm oil in particular has been planted with the specific aim, in many cases of providing carbon neutral fuels. This is of course stupid as in many of these areas vast carbon sinks have had to be destroyed, releasing vast quantities of carbon, meaning that these palm oil plantations will have to produce oil in places for more than a century before they get back to carbon neutral.

It would appear that many of these crops will not survive that long (nevermind the fact that it is necessary we cut carbon emissions now not decades in the future).

However if these crops do not have a long-term future, then they will never become carbon neutral let alone carbon negative making them a complete waste of time.

In the time since the turn of the century roughly 7% of EU imported crops were at risk from drought, yes in the next quarter of a century this will increase to more than 37%.

Alarmingly this analysis also only looked at drought, yet floods and pests will also be made significantly worse by global warming. Now it is true that this changing of the weather may make other parts of the planet suitable for growing crops, but this is not guaranteed.

It is essential for the human races future well-being, that is much of the rainforests are saved on earth as is possible. The fact that has a by-product many millions of other species will be saved is just a happy coincidence.

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