Sasakwa Lodge

Set on a hill, you can look out on the Serengeti plains in any direction. Consisting of the main lodge in Edwardian style, with nine private cottages and an opulent suite,  is a great place to see the best of wild Serengeti in incredible style. Each dwelling is carefully shielded from the others so as to give you the feeling that you are almost alone in the bush. With verandas giving you incredible views from your room, this is a place to stay in style while enjoying the wilds around it. Regularly rated as one of the best lodges in Africa this will be a holiday you will never forget.

You visit wilderness areas to be in the wild, and when staying in Sasakwa lodge you get fantastic views across the surrounding plains on all sides.

Here you will experience extreme luxury surrounded by outstanding natural beauty. Furthermore you can see the animals pass close to the lodge without fear.

You will be taken on incredible drives by knowledgeable guides, but it is something special to be able to spend down times, just watching the wildlife wander past.

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As the Sasakwa lodge is set within a 350,000 acre private reserve, a knowledgeable guide is necessary, so they know where to look for the animals are at any time. This reserve was formed by the Tanzanian government in 1994 specifically to protect part of the wildebeest migration.

Built to be incredible comfortable as a home away from home, natural stone and wood are found everywhere.

Not only are you in one of the most incredible wild parts of the planet, but will live in luxury for the duration of your stay.

There is a reason Sasakwa is considered one of the best lodges in Africa.

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