Donald Trump is on the ballot once again. What threat does he pose? Is he of interest to the rest of the world?

Hand-over to Donald Trumps first term, could President Obamas vice president have to hand over the white house to the same person?

Some of us find politics fascinating, some do not, but you might quite reasonably ask why look at in on a wildlife and environment blog?

It is, unfortunately, a simple fact that not only is the USA still the biggest economy in the world, but it is the second biggest emitter. Currently the USA emits around 13.7% of the worlds carbon dioxide with a population of 4.23% of the world. In other words, the USA has a huge amount of cutting to do – if the USA cut its emissions by two thirds, then each individual would emit the worlds average amount of carbon dioxide, however, given the need to reach net zero as soon as possible, they have a long way to go.

Why is this relevent?

Last time, while Trump pulled out of the Paris agreement (it had no penalties, so pulling out did nothing) as well as encouraging drilling and deforestation and basically anything that would take us the wrong way in terms of climate change. Intentional? who knows, though it certainly went against many peoples interests, which only made Trump happier!

Currently 35% of Americans like trump, while 63% dislike him (an incredibly small percentage which has no opinion.

Currently, 47% of Americans support republicans, while 42% support democrats. That leaves 11% of Americans not in either camp. There is lots more analysis to be done on this, but what is clear, is that Donald Trump has a strong chance to return to the white house, and essentially the decision is largely in the hands of the people that do not support either major party.

So what would a second term contain?

  • More fossil fuel production?
  • Ignoring Scientists
  • Ignoring rules which are there to reduce warming gases in the atmosphere.

What is clear, is that if Trump gets back into the white house, it is virtually certain that we cannot avoid 1.5 degree warming, as it will delay everything for a further 4 years. The clearest move is that he will work to undo all positive environmental moves, enacted by Biden during his term.

This the world cannot afford, but over 95% of the planet gets no vote. Readers in the USA, it seems unnecessary to spell out why he should not be in a position of power. The damage he will do to the environment worries people around the globe. His move to overturn treaties is likely to harm the rest of the world, but what does USA citizens have to look forwards to?

  • Higher prices on all imports – because of his desire to have trade wars with the rest of the world.
  • He claims to have changed his mind on Obamacare – but it appears that this is simply because as it has unfolded, it has got popular. The fact of the matter is that if he could, he would have dismantled it in his first time. Can he be trusted to maintain it? I would not

He finished his term, desperately trying to tear down democracy in the USA. Can he be trusted? I would not, but clearly there is still many who would.

I think any country who does not ban a man who did everything legal and illegal to overturn a fair election, and does not bar him from office is mad. I find it hard to believe that even the USA would be foolish enough to re-elect him, but the same was thought last time. We are slowly building progress and agreement on climate change, please dont throw that out.

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