Lula wins!

Time will tell how good Lula is, but the world has had a reprieve!


Lula, the new president of Brazil – it would be hard to be worse than Bolsonaro

So what has Brazil turned its back on?

Jair Bolsonaro time in office was characterized by attacks on:

  • Democratic institutions (from human rights institutions to deforestation watch, many more)
  • The Media
  • The Left (given Bolsonaro was far right, this means virtually every opponent politician)
  • The Amazon rainforest

So what did Lula run on?

  • Social Justice
  • Environmental protection
  • Defending democracy
  • Reunifying the country

Will there be a peaceful handover of power? No one knows. Jair Bolsonaro, like Donald Trump before him has stated many times over the last few months, that he cannot loose a fair election. As an outsider, it is hard to see how he would ever win a fair election but there we are.

He has the support of much of the army (a former soldier himself) and there is much concern that he could throw the country into chaos, and would have a far greater chance of actually overthrowing the government than Trump did in the USA.

He only won with a margin of 2%, and as of yet Bolsonaro is still yet to comment on the results. If Lula is allowed to retake the presidency, then it will mark the end of an incredible comeback,

Lula was president from 2003-2010. After this, he spent time in prison for corruption convictions – later annulled.

Pro – Bolsonaro Truckers have blocked highways across Brazil in protest, but nothing worse has yet occurred.

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