An American kingfisher has turned up in the uk

As a bird usually seen in the USA, a shaggy crested belted kingfisher is a rare sighting in the uk

This Kingfisher is thought to have been blown across the Atlantic during an ocean storm. Indeed there have only been a few records of this bird in the UK in the last century. Usually migrating between the USA and Caribbean/Mexico each year, they are not birds that are expected to regularly fly the Atlantic. It is the fifth occasion since 1908 that one has been seen here. Of more interest to “twitchers” this is the first time that one has hung around for any length of time, having been first spotted in October. It is also even rarer, as it is only the second sighting beyond the isles of Scilly or Cornwall, where they usually first make land (it is currently living in Lancashire).

It appears to have found an area that is good for it to live in, and due to its size it cant hide easily so continues to be spotted regularly. Given its size and lack of any knowledge about migrating across the Atlantic, it may well live out its life here. Whether it will start migrating into Europe is anyones guess.

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