Faroe Island dolphin Hunt so disgusted is that the government will consider whether it will occur again

Once a year thousands of dolphins are herded into a cove on the Faroe Islands, and are then killed. The intention is that they are killed rapidly by locals using a knife, however many suffocate, and others in agony. This year 1400 dolphins died, many of which would have been protected as they are threatened with extinction.

Faroe islands dolphin massacre. This massacre dwarfs recent hunts.

Indeed this year the hunt was unauthorised and is thought to be in violation of Faroe Island law.

Importantly, this is not a custom than ancient Faroe Island inhabitants needed to survive and actually only started in the 1980s. 

What is more, the tradition (such as it is only being 40 years old) usually consists of killing pilot whales not over 1000 dolphins.

Clearly the Faroe Island government must be very careful about how they handle this. There has been less and less support among the people of the Faroe Islands for this barbaric Hunt – it destroys the way they are seen in the eyes of the rest of the world. 

The Faroe Islands are a democracy, while 83% of the population supports the continued Hunt, a majority or against the hunting of species such as the endangered white-sided dolphin. The number of animals killed breaks a record that has stood since 1940. The suggestion that this hunt is sustainable, or is following ancient customs is insane. There is a big difference between killing a small number of animals, so the local community can survive, and killing over 1000. These are highly intelligent animals that are essentially being tortured.

In summary: this is not an indigenous Hunt, the locals do not need the meat to survive. While there is a high level of support for the hunt period, the government is squandering this in what animals are allowed to be hunted. The government needs to listen to their own population.

The Faroe Islands have been trying to reduce their dependence on fishing, but if they do not change their ways the likelihood of a significant tourism sector will be destroyed because people will avoid the country on principle.

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