As as deadly fires plague brazils Pantanal Wetlands, there are fears that those who escape will fall ill with covid

Fires in the pantanal Wetlands are running a 200% of the rate of those same fires in 2019. With almost every action that Jair Bolsonaro takes, something that could be predicted to make the problem worse, the world seems to not be making itself heard.

It is a well-known fact what causes forest fires, just as it is well known how how ill this is such as coronavirus spread through the population. It therefore should be of no surprised, that Brazil is doing so poorly. 

Tribesmen who need to be evacuated from the fires are taken to the nearest city. There is a great deal of fear and ngo and countries around the world, that many of these tribal members will therefore fall ill from coronavirus because of their increase contact with people from outside.

This could lead to a horrific case for the tribes, where is their members return a substantial number of their members died as they contract this horrific virus.

Jair Bolsonaro has not exactly shown a good pattern of looking after all his citizens thus far, the majority of his actions has greatly improved life for the ultra rich and the middle class. Life has become far harder for the poor, and tribesmen have been hit hardest to all.

His protection of the natural environment of Brazil has been disastrous. There is much talk of the Brazilian rainforest collapsing in the near future.

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