Looking at the hardest hit countries by the coronavirus – why is this relevant

In a comparison of the number of cases in each country, the three countries doing the worst host more than half of the world’s coronavirus cases. First is the USA with 7.7 million cases second is India with 6.8 and then third (though rapidly catching up) is Brazil on 4.9 million.

Given the population of the USA is about 300 million, and the population of Brazil is about 200 million they’re not doing very well. India may well be second in cases, but with 1.3 billion people living there this isn’t surprising. Now of course we should bear in mind, despite how hard coronavirus hit China it only lists having 85000 coronavirus cases (placing it 47 the in the list of countries coronavirus count) which may well be a dramatic under count-statistics coming out of China are notoriously unreliable.

However what I’m trying to say is that if the USA and Brazil had populations on a par with India, they would have a case count of over 30 million cases and 32.5 million cases respectively.

Why does this matter? Because the leaders of these two countries have regular express doubts in accepted science.They have particularly attacked the science of global warming, and attacked any attempt too slow it’s effect.

Other countries around the world should take heed: electing leaders who ignore the real state of the world is not good for your country. One can only hope that enough of the damage is clear in the homeland of these leaders, so when they come up for re-election they fail in their bid. We cannot waste another 4 years, before the whole world starts to take global warming seriously. In a similar way having the most wealthy country in the world run by someone who ignores the science of the extinctions were facing affects the seriousness with which the USA deals with these things: the majority of game hunting is done by wealthy Americans, with a decent number of people from Europe and Asia mixed in. Many of the places which have game hunting do not have the populations to support it, obviously this must change otherwise the animals in question will go extinct.

Frankly, Coronavirus has just been another delay and we really can’t afford anymore. Scientists have been telling us for years that the longer we take to make adjustments to fight global warming the more severe the adjustments will have to be.

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