The UK government has set out plans to fine companies shown to be using timber from a legal plantations-is this good?

The UK government has recently outlined plans to put in place laws that are supposed to eradicate illegal deforestation all products bought in the UK.

Obviously in a perfect world this would be a fantastic move. However, surprise surprise we do not live in that world.

The deforestation in Brazil and the deforestation in Indonesia is not illegal, are from it it has the support of it’s countries government. In other words, this legislation allows each country around the world to decide how much deforestation they wish to allow.¬†

What I am saying, is the British government does not wish to combat deforestation, merely deforestation that the government has not approved. Under these rules, we may move where we buy our wood from, but we will continue to support deforestation around the world. By this policy, no deforestation would ever be illegal if the government in each case allowed it. This means that after a coup, a country could be legally deforested!

What a waste of time.

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