The Brazilian Amazon rainforest is burning worse than it almost ever has, time to defund forest fire fighting

Friday evening on the 11th september was clearly a very strange confusing time in the Brazilian parliament. The Bolsonaro administration house and announcement stating it would defund all deforestation and fire fighting (total loss of about 60 million dollars). However within hours they did a full about turn and reinstated all the funding.

The Brazilian rain forest on fire. Is it really true that this needs no money at all to fix?

As well as the strange about face, payments on cost-cutting don’t seem to hold any water as in other places they were increasing payouts to landowners who claimed land actually owned by the Brazilian government (up to 4 times has generous) at the same time.

Questions still exist, but suffice to say that the Brazilian government is continuing to ignore all scientific knowledge, and while these decisions may make money in the coming days it will cost heavily in the future.

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