So you I think the corona virus was bad for the economy, wait till you see the impacts of climate change

Prince Charles recently came out and pointed out that the impact of climate change on the global economy is likely to be many times worse than the impact of coronavirus. This is for a huge variety of reasons beginning with

  • large areas being flooded by the sea rise
  • The loss of vegetation in places where it is necessary due to the increasing temperature
  • Increasing vegetation in areas that it did not exist and places where using the land for other things
  • We also run a significant chance of substantially more numbers of epidemics, Iike the one we just faced, as we cut down rainforests and invade other wildlife refuges. It is also thought the neighbour significant numbers of pathogens locked in the ice at the North and South pole that would be released if the permafrost melted.
  • There was a significant reduction in pollution during the coronavirus outbreak, fortunately as soon as it was over the pollution levels return to the previous height. Scientist calculate that by 2030 at most this global pause and emissions will have made 0.01 of a degree difference to the temperature.

There was a global effort to combat the corona virus. While there was significant numbers of protests all over the world, governments didn’t listen. Climate change will have a significantly higher impact on the world.

Where is corona virus had the ability to kill about 1 in a 1000, climate change will impact entire communities. Large chunks of the world will be under water, and to remind you once again, although predictions suggest that Brazil and India will make up 2 of the top 3 affected countries, the last in this category is the USA-electing someone who will take climate change seriously this November is in their own self-interest.

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