The South Eastern branch of Greenpeace have identified around 15 square miles of deep peat that has been deforested by APP

APP or Asian pulp and paper have been responsible for much of the deforestation in Indonesia over the last few decades. The clearing began back in August 2018 and has continued to June this year, there was also burning in this concession, yet Asian pulp and paper has promised two-phase both out of there are own concessions and those they buy wood from.

Looking at the same satellite photos they also found around 32 miles of drainage canals dug. The problem with these drainage canals, is that they allow the peat dry out. As it dries it releases the majority of the carbon dioxide it stores.

APP made big changes to how it was operating packed in 2013, including promising to stop deforesting, and to to replant and rejuvenate much of the forest that they had damaged. Ever since, those charities and NGOs responsible for keeping on top of how APP keeps up with this promise, have noted regular infractions, as well as the continual attempt to back track on their commitments.

APP also complained about the maps that Greenpeace used. This is laughable as the maps that APP and other similar firms use are intentionally vague to allow them to argue that they didn’t know what was happening. As is standard when dealing with APP all the claims that issued against other people had no basis in evidence all fact, also provided no evidence for the claims made against them.

In any western court, if someone fails to turn up to defend themselves, or turns up and is totally unprepared, the judgement goes against them. APP is the wealthy country, been let off the hook too many times and must not be given the opportunity to escape significant penalty again.

It is clear that any company that continues to do business with APP assumes this terrible handling will occur, that they will be lied to at all stages. No company with any responsibility ethics should be willing to purchase anything from APP.

Any company that continues to do business should be punished-likely only a significant boycott will work effectively. Back in 2013, businesses such as hasbro and Disney were embarrassed into stopping doing business with APP.

Essentially any business that has a deal with sinar mass the parent company of APP should be avoided wherever possible. If we all spread the word, reduce the purchase of these things we can force them to improve their behavior. Unfortunately however it isn’t easy, a few years back I wrote about Paignton zoo cafe which had signed out talking about how it was palm oil free- I noticed several ingredients they was using which one not palm oil free.if a zoo that is this well connected cannot get it right it’s just hard for us as consumers to do so, particularly as  palm oil does not need to be labelled as such-it is usually labelled as vegetable oil and therefore it is extremely hard to cut out of your diet.

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