An Ocelot photo by RawheaD Rex


Ocelots, servals are about the size of domestic cats, which mean that without being careful it is easy to overlook them. Found throughout the south west of the USA, Mexico, and on through central and South America, as well as the Caribbean island of Margarita and Trinidad. At this time, two subspecies of Ocelot are recognized (in the past as much as 9 subspecies were proposed) and these are essentially split by continent (a north America Ocelot and a Southern America Ocelot).

Researchers agree that there are around 120 wild Ocelots in Texas but elsewhere it is less clear. Indeed, the Ocelot is generally listed as least concern, though in various parts of its range it is threatened by habitat destruction, hunting or traffic accidents. As such while its range is very large there are areas where it is decreasing in an area of its range. The ocelot has had occasional association with humans dating back as far as the Incas and the Aztecs – and has occasionally been kept as a pet.

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