The Pampas fox

The Pampas fox is also known as the grey pampean fox, Pampas zorro, Azara fox or Azara zorro. It is a midsized (non) fox as all south American foxes, which are more closely related to the wolf and jackal.

Pampas fox

The Pampas fox resembles the Culpeo or Andean fox in appearance and size, but has a proportionately wider snout, reddish fur on the head and neck, and a black mark on the muzzle. Its short, dense fur is grey over most of the body, with a black line running down the back and onto the tail, and pale, almost white, underparts.

The Pampas fox can be found in northern and central ArgentinaUruguay, eastern Bolivia, Paraguay, and southern Brazil. It prefers open pampas habitats, often close to agricultural land, but can also be found in montane or chaco forest, dry scrubland, and wetland habitats. It is most common below 1,000 m (3,300 ft) elevation, but can inhabit puna grasslands up to 3,500 m.

They are occasionally hunted for their fur, or to avoid livestock deaths, however thus far this has not impacted population.

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