Bolivia is the 2th largest country in South America (8th largest on earth), and lies in the North west of South America.It is sandwiched between Peru and Chile to the West, it extends down to the southern tip of South America alongside Chile.


Argentina is hugely varied, running from the sub tropics down to close to Antarctica. It has 18 different ecoregions and apart from the two mentioned in the last sentence, there are also the tallest mountains in the Americas, and some of the Atlantic ocean deepest depths.

Links to areas to visit will appear below.  Please note, while it is not possible to add sightings to this map above. This is because the whole country is is a specific regional ecosystem. Over time every area will become clickable, so that you can access the ecosystem and record sightings.

Help us build up a map of where wildlife has been seen. Add any sightings of mammals that you encounter. As this map starts to be used, we will greatly reduce how long sightings remain free for anyone to see, so that hunters and poachers cannot use this as a resource. The idea is that over time we can build up an idea of exactly where we should look for them.

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