Orangutan trekking is something that many people might be interested in, but takes far more effort than chimpanzee or gorilla trekking. This is because Orangutangs cover so much ground. As a result, many Orangutan treks go on for multiple days.

In many placees the easiest way that studies are done is by putting out food, so the Orangutans will come and visit

There are 3 species of Orangutan, while 2 have been known about for a long time, the third is both incredibly endangered and only recently discovered. There is a planned dam in their habitat, which if built would likely lead to the extinction of the Tapanuli Orangutan in relatively fast order. Perhaps of particular interest, while the Tapanuli Orangutan lives in northern Sumatra, it is more closely related to the Borneo Orangutan.

Below is a picture of each of the 3 Orangutan species, click on each one to look at the specific species.

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