Chimpanzee trekking is an incredibly exciting thing to do. Currently almost all of the chimp trekking takes place in just one or two of the places that they live wild. 

If it is possible to change this, we can make chimpanzee populations across the tropical African belt valuable to local people, and therefore protect their long-term viability. The wild chimpanzee is an essential part of the places that they inhabit, so hunting and poaching threatens the collapse of the entire ecosystem.

Central chimpanzee is the most common, however only just over 100,000 of these chimpanzee still live in the wild

One of our closest relatives and an image that we are very used to, unfortunately the chimpanzee like all other great apes is facing a precipitous decline in its population.


There are 4 subspecies, Eastern(21000-55000), Western(35000), Central(115000) and Nigerian-Cameron (3500-9000). As you can see many of these have wide ranging estimates which shows how little idea we have at the current time.


Chimpanzees inhabited wide-range of forests and open woodlands. When not attacked by humans, and when their homes are left standing they can do very well.


It is possible that organised tourism amongst some of these populations could help save them. Unfortunately it is entirely possible that many of these populations are lost before we can help. We aim to link to as many place that you can visit below.

We will also have a list of all articles on chimpanzee from this website below

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