Monarch butterfly migration sanctuaries in Mexico to their summer grounds in the western USA



El Rosario, El caplin and Piedra Herrada are three bio reserves at the end of the dramatic monarch butterfly migration.  All the are west of west of Mexico City in the mountains of michoacan. In November, as the USA summer ends, hundreds of millions of these butterflies migrate back to Mexico, returning to the USA in the spring. 


The spectacle of 250 million monarch butterflies is something amazing to see.  Unfortunately, outside the reserves in Mexico there is rampant deforestation, as the locals try to lift themselves out of poverty. 


Ecotourism could help. 



The site of this many butterflies is likely to stay with you for ever. Without some targeted ecotourism, the locals will not benefit from this migration and as such its days may be numbered – I want my grandchildren’s grandchildren to have the opportunity to see things like this.

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