In the shadow of mankind

Visiting areas set aside for wilderness and wildlife are great, however a significant amount of wildlife live in ecosystems alongside humans.

There are often complexities about living alongside other animals, from predation of livestock or eating of crops to car collisions and direct attacks on people. While many of these issues are extraordinarily rare, to non existent (one example is wolf attacks on humans) they can cause stress for those living in these areas.

Every country in the world has wildlife, though the quantity and human interest differs. People will pay to see wild animals, whats more if we make that easier, people will happily pay to see the animals in areas where they are. I want to get to the point where living near wildlife pays more than otherwise

Imagine a situation, where a farm is only viable because a few times a week the farmer escorts a group onto their land to show them cheetah/bears/badgers that they share their land with.


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