The grand canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of those sites that many people would consider a must see, some time in each persons lifetime. However, this website is here to help you find wild places – views are often beautiful, and great places to look out for wildlife (they are often high up) but here we are not listing views for their own sakes: However by definition places like the grand canyon are relatively remote, and as such can be superb for wildlife.

As with elsewhere, hunting pressures have driven many interesting species to extinction. The grand canyon is no different, wolves and grizzly bears have been absent for quite some time, grizzlies since 1935, and wolves since the 1940s. Having said that, there is much discussion about reintroducing grizzles to this part may of both America, and a wolf was spotted late last year in the vicinity of the grand canyon.

Currently bobcats, coyotes and black bears play the apex predators, but the return of the grizzly and wolf would transform the ecosystem. There is still elk, mule deer and bighorn sheep.

For many people seeing the grand canyon with their own eyes is a activity they feel they should do once in their life. For me and I hope for many of my readers, I want to see it wild. I hope that the recovery of the grizzly bear and wolf in North America continues unabated

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