Crab-eating Fox

This fox is a also known as the forest fox, wood fox, and bushdog (as apposed to the Bush dog which we have encountered already).

Crab-eating fox

Like other foxes in south America it is not a true fox. It lives in anges in savannas; woodlands; subtropical forests; prickly, shrubby thickets; and tropical savannas such as the caatinga, plains, and campo, from Colombia and southern Venezuela in the north to Paraguay, Uruguay and northern Argentina at the southernmost reaches of its range. Its habitat also includes wooded riverbanks such as riparian forest. In the rainy season, their range moves uphill, whilst in drier times they move to lower ground.[13] Their habitat covers all environments except rainforests, high mountains, and open grassy savannas. In some regions of their range, they are threatened with extirpation.

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