Blu rays

Planet earth 2

The follow up to the original Planet earth, filmed by the BBC and narrated by David Attenborough. A phenomenal series showing the natural world in its raw beauty.

For many the 4k version is the best material to show you how good your tv actually is.


Planet earth

The original planet earth was made back in 2006, and was stunning. Showing action from the natural world that had never been filmed.

This was also filmed by the BBC and narrated by David Attenborough. Also visually stunning and very impressive, it is well worth watching.


Planet earth: The collection

Both of the above series in one boxset

Blue Planet 2

This is a follow up from the original Blue planet, filmed by the BBC and narrated by David Attenborough. This show the worlds seas as they have never been seen before. From showing creatures well known in new situations to sea creatures not imagined it is a series of stunning beauty and thoroughly fascinating


Blue Planet

The first blue planet series was filmed back in 2001 and was instantly a big hit.

Filmed in many places around the world and showing many parts of the oceans for the first time. There are many things to marvel at.


Blue Planet the Collection

Blue planet and blue planet 2 in one box

Attenborough: The Life collection

This phenomenal box-set includes the 6 series that David Attenborough made over several decades- and incredible bargin

Life on earth, Trials of life, Life in the freezer, Private life of plants, Life of birds, Life of mammals, Living planet and life in the undergrowth

Run time 4360 minutes or roughly 73 hours a great deal

The series are too old to have trailers made but here is a taste of Life on earth the first series in this collection

Life Story

Life story follows a range of animals as they live their lives, in the 6 stages of life that they go through

taking their first steps in the world, growing up, finding a home, gaining power, winning a mate, succeeding as a parent


Seven worlds, one planet

 This is a BBC documentary series looking at the life on each continent and how it has adapted to fully fit its environment



One of the most detailed documentaries done on wildlife in Africa. Astounding and beautiful and well worth watching


The Hunt 

This is a series that looks at predator and prey in many different situations across our planet. Capturing behaviour new to science or not seen on film before it is fascinating from beginning to end. See animals such as flying fish on film



Dynasties has a different feel to many other BBC series. Each episode takes you deep into the life of one animal (Emperor Penguin, Chimpanzee, Lion, Painted Wolf and Tiger) and shows the struggle to bring up the next generation.


Natures great events

Each episode features on of the last great wildlife events on earth. These include the migration of the serengeti, the flooding of the Okovango delta and the Sardine run up the coast of Africa. See these events, some of which may not continue much logner



Displaying the incredible range of life again and filming things not seen in other series this is well worth your time. From Jesus lizards running on water to Komodo dragons fighting you will be astounded with what was filmed.


Human Planet 

The BBC has spent decades showing us the marvels of the animal world, but around the world humans manage to exist in extraordinary situations.

Here they show some of those incredible stories


Gorillas in the mist

A fantastic dramatisation of the true book about Dian Fossey who went to study the Mountain Gorillas and try to save them from poaching – Starring sigourney weaver

Not yet released on region 2 Blu ray

Frozen planet

Frozen planet is the BBC latest detailed look at the ice caps of earth and the wildlife that lives there. Visually beautiful and fascinating. As with many BBC wildlife series you will see animals you had not imagined.

See Animals Wild