“Brazil is back” says Lula at COP27

In order to succeed in our fight against climate change, we need all countries working together. We need to retain all current Carbon dioxide sinks, as well as getting our carbon emissions down to near zero.

This is why it is so encouraging, that now Brazil has come back to the table.

Jair Bolsonaro, the outgoing president of Brazil caused so many problems. For the rest of the world the big problem is the destruction of the Amazon rainforest – without this huge carbon dioxide storage, a 1.5 degree maximum rise is likely totally out of reach, never mind the huge impact on weather all over the world. The rainforests of the Congo are likely to loose much rainfall without the Brazilian rainforest.

What is important for the rest of the world to remember, is the fact that Bolsonaro was not good for Brazil,

There where specific groups that were thrilled with what he did (not least anyone seizing land in the rainforest). The problem is, is that he seemed to be working for just a small section of society (middle class). His moves damaged the poor, often the rich and indigenous people. Importantly, the damage that he allowed to occur in the Amazon will likely damage the few people who were benefitted – farms built on deforested land usually only stay lush for a few years. After this, much of the rich top soil has been washed away, and the farm land becomes less and less productive. If this continues year on year, the lack of rainforest, can mean that the rainfall starts to drop fast, and eventually these lush rainforests will be replaced by desert.

Will he succeed? who is to know, but for now we can celebrate a leader in Brazil that sees the world as it is, and is fighting with us to protect ecosystems that still exist for the climate to remain liveable as well as the millions of species that call this huge ecosystem home.

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