Australia could have to find more than 1.2 trillion dollars to deal with climate disasters by 2060 even with rapid action, so why is the Australian government not doing their part?

This article is a few months old, which is why it is so encouraging that since it was released, the Australian people have risen up, and thrown out the government of Scott Morrison.

Why should he draw so much ire? He worked incredibly hard, while in office to both blame states for not doing the right thing, while at the same time making it as hard as possible. He made comments attacking many of the necessary changes that were going on.

With the incredibly large amount of sun that Australia gets, it would not be hard for the whole of Australia to be powered by Solar and Batteries (indeed, they have so much space they could export large quantities to other countries nearby and create a long-term income for the country.

So what should Australia be doing? Well it needs to clean its own grid, but it also has the potential to become a renewables superpower, which could have a dramatic impact on places like China.

Can it do this? Who knows, but if it fails to do its part – and the rest of the planet does as well, then much of Australia will become too hot to live within. This should be enough incentive to do the right thing.

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