I am back – plans for the future

Hello anyone who is reading this. I am back!

This websites existence came about after a frustrating experience trying to book wild travel.

Like it or hate it, the human race have not yet found a more effective way of funding conservation, than through tourism. Now this does have a black mark against it, as it usually requires flying, and the huge carbon cost of this activity.

There is much being done in this area, and in a few decades it is likely to be greatly reduced. Perhaps the most exciting, is the EasyJet electric plane is aimed to enter use in 2030. Anyway, it is important to continue to go to these places – we are likely to loose them far quicker if locals have no reason to protect them (or indeed need the space to grow food that they no longer have the money to buy).

This year my family visited the Kruger national park in South Africa. This is one of the largest well protected Savannah ecosystems that remain in the world. We had a wonderful time, seeing a variety of animals (some of which we did not see in 3 months while training as wildlife guides).

I am likely to talk about some of these encounters over the next few years, however suffice to say we saw the big 5 and the ecotourism big 7.

This site aims to be a quick and simple way for places who wish to sell wilderness experiences to list them. Whether you work in a wilderness (Wild Places), near one or merely share your vicinity with wildlife (in the shadow of mankind) or nocturnal animals use your land (hide) we want to help you benefit financially from the presence of wildlife.

We have page builders for these areas, so you can start building your page whenever you want.

We are also hoping to create our community- this will allow users to communicate and join our mission, as well as financially helping us secure the longterm viability of this project.

I will speak to you all soon

Tim Welby

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