Personal update!

I have been ill, which is why the blog has been quiet for the last few weeks. We are continuing to work on various things, and we hope increasingly, for the articles to come from more sources (which would remove this problem).

We are currently trying to iron out some of our issues, but having done that we hope that this platform can start to reach its hoped for heights (with your support).

Apologies for the pause in posts working hard

Hi all, we are trying to set up a new mapping program for you to see all the sites that we list (and hopefully show many thousands that will be added over the next few decades)

The website continues to grow, we hope eventually to have other writers, but for now thats in the future

Tim Welby

We’re back and raring to go – read, join us, get involved

Hello to all!

I have been in South Africa for two weeks. I have returned, refreshed, knowing that the app is well on its way and more determined to make this website reach its potential, so that it can be part of the solution to the destruction of the natural world.

We can not manage this alone.

The website has a whole host of tools to help with this, and we hope for our readers to take us up, and help us use this resource to save as much of the natural world as is possible.

From guest writing articles to becoming a member (if you live or work in some wild area) or an Ambassador supporter – as you travel spread knowledge of the website and help more and more people for which the website could help to find it and start reaping the benefits.

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding many new articles and stories from my time away as well as many other new endeavours.

We finally have everything in place and so it is just a case of getting the word out!

We’re back! Sorry we have been missing for a while. Dedicated server, hopefully allow the website to meet some of its aims!

Hello people, happy new year. The last few months where we have been offline, have been extraordinarily frustrating, we have finally worked through our technical issues and hope to be back with a vengeance

Seeanimalswild is back and hopefully 2023 is the year that it starts to fulfil its aims.

This website was not merely set up in order to be a blog. That is not to say that it will cease to do this, quite to the contrary. However, it was never meant to just be a blog. Our aim is to create a space where people can list wildernesses that they either live in or work in (and protect). Whether wildlife is the main use of the land or not, there is still much money that could be made from its existence.

It is not possible for me to do this alone. Sure we have several simple page builders, allowing people to quickly lay out their listing, so that all we need to do is check it, and it can go live – start inviting visitors. The bigger issue is to spread the word around the world to people who we can be useful for.

In the next few weeks and months, two membership areas will be added.

One is for supporters – those who read the blog. This will cost a bit and is your way to support our work. You will be able to help us add wilderness destinations that you have found, and businesses that require help finding people to visit them. The aim is to give everyone interested a chance to help become a part of the solution to wildlife loss. In the long-term we hope to list many thousands of destinations, and help many more find their wilderness holiday or experience, and as such help the human race protect what is left of the natural world – give the remaining wilderness a value, and those who live nearby a way to benefit from it. Alongside this will be a whole community where you will be able to get to know other people, join discussion forums, and even interact directly with the people who run this website

The other is members – this will have a series of strands.

The first and most important are those who live or work in wilderness areas. This will be the way for people to list their property for those who are interested to come and visit. The activity and duration of the visit will vary depending on what is offered on each destination. It is aimed to include everything from people sitting on a farm watching wildlife in the evening, to week long safaris, hides, but is also aimed at those working in research – give visitors the chance to see the wildlife that you are researching, while hearing what you are doing, and help support your work at the same time. There will be plenty of discussion forums, and over time an increasing knowledge bank from shared information – allowing people to share ways that they have found to stop livestock predation amongst other issues. Alongside these we are keen to list anything that is required for these journeys from flights to car rental and so many more

The next is writers. We are interested in having articles written by a whole range of people. We are interested in the advertising being natural, so everyone in the first strand will be invited to write articles from time to time, perhaps about a fantastic wildlife encounter, or a testimonial. However, this is not all we are interested in, we are keen to have guest articles and even regular entries by other blog writers. While we will not link to another blog, we are quite happy to give credit and list your blog alongside your name.

Another is those listing services or selling things. We are keen to become a useful resource for those selling anything that is relevant. From books and DVDs about the natural world that we would love to help reach a larger audience, to carbon emission reduction services and other climate change related services. We want to help anyone who is working in the field of wildlife, conservation and climate mitigation to be able to sell their goods and services.

We will take a small cut of those things that go through this site – this money along with any profits made through helping people find wilderness experiences will be ploughed back into conservation. If the website is particularly successful, we will aim to enter into direct conservation of wildernesses, but this is obviously some time in the future.

I hope that many of you, my dear readers, will join me in some context, either helping support the website or in some other way.

We should be back to work from here on in, and if we are lucky, our bandwidth issues are in the past.

Is there anyone out there? (Still?) Normal service to resume

So, this website has suffered some sort of horrible attack which blocked me out of being able to post. We do have protection from such an attack, and so it appears that the attack failed to get in, but it did still stretch our website facilities beyond breaking point at times which has meant periods of time when the website was not live – and me being locked out of the back-end, hence no posts.

For the time being, we have won. How long lasting this will be is anyone’s guess.

It is perhaps encouraging that someone feels that this little website is worth attacking.

Hopefully regular services will return, and we will start adding to our offerings, with several members areas.

Tim Welby- Blog everything (writer, editor, etc)

And the attacks continue! Hopefully they have been blocked out, for now

I am unsure why this website has come under such a heavy and sustained attack over the last while.

We are desperately trying to fend off these attacks once and for all, while at the same time moving forwards on what the website is supposed to accomplish.

So why are we a target? I have no idea, unfortunately it appears that many websites are targeted constantly.

I am hoping that we are now sorted, for now

I am back – plans for the future

Hello anyone who is reading this. I am back!

This websites existence came about after a frustrating experience trying to book wild travel.

Like it or hate it, the human race have not yet found a more effective way of funding conservation, than through tourism. Now this does have a black mark against it, as it usually requires flying, and the huge carbon cost of this activity.

There is much being done in this area, and in a few decades it is likely to be greatly reduced. Perhaps the most exciting, is the EasyJet electric plane is aimed to enter use in 2030. Anyway, it is important to continue to go to these places – we are likely to loose them far quicker if locals have no reason to protect them (or indeed need the space to grow food that they no longer have the money to buy).

This year my family visited the Kruger national park in South Africa. This is one of the largest well protected Savannah ecosystems that remain in the world. We had a wonderful time, seeing a variety of animals (some of which we did not see in 3 months while training as wildlife guides).

I am likely to talk about some of these encounters over the next few years, however suffice to say we saw the big 5 and the ecotourism big 7.

This site aims to be a quick and simple way for places who wish to sell wilderness experiences to list them. Whether you work in a wilderness (Wild Places), near one or merely share your vicinity with wildlife (in the shadow of mankind) or nocturnal animals use your land (hide) we want to help you benefit financially from the presence of wildlife.

We have page builders for these areas, so you can start building your page whenever you want.

We are also hoping to create our community- this will allow users to communicate and join our mission, as well as financially helping us secure the longterm viability of this project.

I will speak to you all soon

Tim Welby

Website update

We continue to build many parts of the website, but another side is to finally have the WordPress app working with the site again. It has not been possible to post from my phone for the last few years – that finally returns.

What does this mean? Firstly, more details publishing of articles and responses. Likely more regular thoughts and responses to news of the day.

We’re still having some problems with the site, but are hoping these are near an end.

What’s coming soon? We hope to get the members area up and working- this website was never intended to be just a blog, instead it is intended to become a wildlife travel marketplace – with the aim of helping travel to places that are most in need of tourists.

My family are traveling to Kruger national park in South Africa, in under 2 weeks. As a result, we hope to be adding many many videos over the next year so follow us there.

See Animals Wild