First alpha female for 70 years in a Japanese reserve

As with most primate species males are usually the dominant animal in a group setting. The one notable exception is bonobos which are a female led society.

Yakei, the first dominant Japanese macaque for a long time

Macaques like other primate species follow a similar pattern. Yet in this reserve, for the first time in 70 years, a female has taken the top spot.

These Macaques live in huge groups, with the troop in question having 677 members.

Wardens in the park tested out who was top ‘dog’ by putting out peanuts, and to their suprise the former boss Sanchu backed away and allowed Yakei first pick of the nuts.

The reserve is not vast, and only has 2 troops

Japan has around 100,000 of these macaques on 3 of their 4 islands. They can be aggressive and so those visiting are instructed on how not to appear dominant so as to not encourage attacks.

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