Biden has unveiled his clean energy plan

It is frankly bizarre, that there is not huge support for green energy. Who benefits from the status quo? Well the power companies do, but few others do. Of course, one group that does continue to gain are the fossil fuel companies.

So what would Bidens emissions cuts do? He has made it a goal of the USA, that by 2030 80% renewable energy use by 2030!

Perhaps one of the most notable facts about this, is that it is estimated that 317,000 live would be saved by this move.

Companies would be encouraged to make this move by a system of incentives and penalties, and would force them to invest heavily in wind and solar.

Now this should cost little or no extra amount on the bills of consumers, as wind and solar prices have fallen so low, that it is cheaper to scrap coal and gas generators, and build brand new wind and solar than it is to use the fossil fuel generators for the rest of their lives. The lives would be saved through cleaner air.

It is calculated that this in turn, would save over 1 trillion dollars in health savings ($1.13 trillion) by 2050. It was also noted that all states – including those leading the way on cleaning the energy grid, would see benefits. Ohio Texas Pennsylvania and Illinois are all states that would get the most benefits, as they use fossil fuels the most.

Given that electricity generation accounts for 25% of the American carbon footprint (and Biden is targeting 100% cut by 2035) this will be a good step in the direction of America meeting its carbon dioxide reduction pledge.

As I have stated before, given that America stands to be hit harder than almost any other country, this should be good news to all americans.

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