Personal note: where to go on holiday

Travelling during the epidemic even if fully vaccinated is hard or even impossible.

We have been hoping to take our children back to South African for a few years, partly to show them the incredible places such as the Kruger, but also so that we can list many of the cheaper places to stay on this website. Unfortunately, that will have to wait (we hope only until next year.

So where will we go this year?

We are in the process of setting up our “in the shadow of mankind” and we are hoping to visit some places we would love to add.

We are thinking of heading to Scottish islands, possibly Skye and Shetland. What will we hope to see? Well Otters would be top of the list, but other creatures will include red squirrels and if were lucky orca and humpback whales.

What is happening on the website. While it does not always show on the surface we are hard at work in the background. We are building a system that will allow people to list their own wilderness place far quicker, which hopefully will allow this site to list enough places to move towards its original goal.

Watch this space

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