Manchin has made millions from coal since joining the senate, and he may be able to block Biden’s plan to halve greenhouse gas emissions

This website was designed to simplify wildlife travel – and we are making progress on this (slowly- terrible timing, given the epidemic), however without significant and rapid cuts to the worlds fossil fuel emissions, impacts from global warming will destroy many wildlife habitats so it is of importance.

Climate change is increasingly causing changes in rainfall. This is turning rainforests to savannahs and savannahs to deserts.

Without dealing with climate change, there will be far fewer ecosystems in which to save the wildlife.

This is why the USA is important. At this point the USA emits roughly 16% of the worlds warming gases.

Now it is true that china emits 26% of the emissions, however their population size is significantly different. America has just over 4% of the worlds population, so if the whole world emitted gases at the rate of the USA our emissions would be 384% or nearly 4 times its current rate.

If instead we look at the Chinese emissions, china hosts 18% of the worlds population, so if we all emitted gases at the rate of china, the worlds emissions would only be about 30% higher than now.

What my point is, is that the USA has one of the highest emissions per person in the world.

What does it say, when the USA must cut its carbon emissions dramatically (and note that even with the cuts Biden is aiming for, they would still emit twice as much as the rest of the world) and the vote must pass the senate; the senate is basically tied, with 50 senators voting each way, but Manchin is a democrat, and if he votes to support Bidens cuts, the coal business that brings him in so much money will likely cease trading?

Americas cuts, and therefore likely the state we leave the planet, relies on a republican leaning democrat voting against his own financial interests – not to mention, many of the people who voted for him also leaning the other way.

It is perhaps disgusting to many people that representatives in a democracy could spend so much time talking to lobbyists, or indeed vote in line with their own financial gain instead of in line with the needs of their constituents. Unfortunately, that is politics.

If children, and future generations were able to understand then of course they would vote for the cuts – it is after all their future that Manchin and others are risking. However, in a democracy they don’t get to vote. Furthermore, many young people fail to get interested.

Around the world parents strive to leave a better world for their children. Why are so many of the politicians in the USA antithetical to this position held by humans for thousands of years?

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