Liberia in west Africa still has large forests blocks, camera traps show that they are full of wildlife

Liberia is a country in west Africa. It still has large tracts of intact rainforest, however until recently these areas have not been scientifically thoroughly surveyed,

Liberia has some of the last large areas of rainforest in west Africa we must visit so that there is value for the locals

The survey took place, close to the Liberian border with Cote d’Ivoire and managed to take pictures of many species. Indeed, one camera took photos of 23 different species, including western chimpanzee and pygmy hippopotamus (this species is often found in zoos as it is smaller, unfortunately the wild population of the pygmy hippo is small with only around 3000 remaining. Full size hippos have a population of well over 100,000 individuals.

Among the other species photographed are giant pangolins and many species of monkey, increasingly rare elsewhere.

These forests contain around 20% of west africas chimpanzees alone. The Grebo-krahan park was established to protect some of this ecosystem.

It is essential that this region of Africa develops the ability to attract tourists so that money comes in to preserve this ecosystem and give it value to the people who live nearby.

I hope to be able to add links for travel here in the near future.

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