Was Trump really the business president?

Trump ran for office on the basis that he was good at making decisions on the information at hand.

However one of the clearest decisions that needs to be made (and he refused to consider seriously) is climate change.

The constant refrain is that “97% of scientists agree that global warming is happening” however, as I have written in the past( http://seeanimalswild.com/2018/04/13/do-97-of-climate-change-scientists-believe-in-climate-change/) this is more like 99.99%

Furthermore, the scientific consensus is that we can spend billions of dollars to deal with it now or trillions in the future – he chose the future. David Attenborough was careful throughout his career to avoid being too political. Since his retirement, he has worried less and he was particularly scathing about Donald Trumps attitude to the natural world – stating that it was disastrous. It is certainly true that if all countries operated on a short term me first approach (America first?) we would be sunk. If we are looking out for our children and grandchildren then we must work together, more effectively that we ever have.

Now it is possible that he was thinking selfishly about himself (he cant have been thinking selfishly about the USA as they are predicted to be hit harder than almost anyone) in that those who will have to face the repercussions of his decisions cannot currently vote, however you would hope that parents and grandparents in the USA would consider it better to pay a little now, so as to save their descendants vastly more money and a life almost as comfortable as their own?

I certainly wish to leave a world where my descendants can thrive. I also want to leave a world where as many of the wild animals that roam the world now, still do for them. I wish for my grandchildren and great grandchildren, to have the chance to experience the sight of a lion quietly padding through the campsite and the thrill of not knowing what she would do next.

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