Live sightings map coming soon

Apologies for the pause in articles going up, I have been concentrating on creating a wildlife sightings board. This should be able to go up in the next week or so.

Obviously, we will hide any sightings that become necessary if poaching becomes an issue once again.

The idea of the Sightings map, is to give everyone the knowledge that the wildlife guides have. By looking at where specific animals have been spotted in the past, you can get an understanding of their usual movements and make sure you are looking in the right place.

The first Live sightings board will be for the Limpopo transfrontier part of Kruger Mozambique and Zimbabwe. When it is safe for travel to resume, I have also listed a number of places to stay within this vast ecosystem. I hope to add to this list over time.

I am hoping that sightings maps will become standard on all destinations – so long as poaching isn’t an issue. I am also intending to extend this to in the shadow of man locations, though in these places the map will likely be behind a pay wall. While this will not be a big fee, as anyone can enter these areas, I do not want the maps to become a way for wildlife to be bothered

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