Is Donald Trumps denial of climate change worse for humanity than Hitler?

Noam Chomsky has suggested that Trumps attitude to global warming, could hurt humanity more than Hitler. Now given global warming is likely to change many lives and impact almost all humans on the planet, it is hard to argue with this.

Indeed he argues that the human race is headed for an environmental catastrophe, and without urgent action it will be too late.

He is particularly clear on his dislike for the behavior of the Republican party, as the only conservative organisation around the world.

Perhaps you should think about that for a moment.

Despite the large number of conservative organisations around the world, the United Sates of America Republican party are the only one that tries to suggest that the Science is wrong.

Don’t worry, I am not trying to suggest that their position is remotely sensible or stands even slight critical thinking. Indeed a majority of the individual states in the USA recognizes climate change and the danger that it poses and are trying to do something about it.

It is essential that sane heads triumph and America comes back to the world table, stops coddling up to dictators, and puts large amounts of money on the table to help the world transition to a clean green economy.

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