Is the government finally catching on? Pine martens to be released near Bangor to save the red squirrels

In a move that seems utterly obvious, though essentially, pine martens are to be reintroduced into a part of Wales near Bangor as a way of controlling the grey squirrels and protecting the red squirrels from being eradicated.

Frankly this is a move that should be being undertaken across the country.

If the UK government, were to translocate pine martens to 20 Woods throughout southern and central England,and made sure that the persecution that once push them to extinction did not happen, this would likely put huge pressure on the grey squirrel population across England. If successful within a decade the grey squirrel become significantly rarer, and within two decades would likely only exist within large parks in inner-city areas of the UK.

This would then allow reintroduction of the native red squirrels (and likely natural recolonization)- and quite apart from the fact that these are native animals and not animals that were brought here, squirrels do significant damage to British trees so by removing them, not only do we remove an invasive animal, also returns some of the countries ability to function properly-thereby making it easier for our ecosystem to continue to adapt as global warming impacts the UK.

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