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For those who visit regularly you will have noticed that we have finally started to add places to go and see wild animals. The purpose of the website is to simplify wild travel as much as I can manage.

As such these reserves are hopefully the first of many, but we are starting with some of the best. Singita- the organisation that runs all these lodges, is a group who is working to protect vast areas of Africa for future generations, and to that end they manage around 10 wilderness areas, each bordering a national park. These are extraordinarily luxurious and have prices to match, however they compare favourably to other lodges in the area. Given their incredible conservation success, these are good places to visit as you can be sure profits are being used to protect what you see.

Do click any of the links on the main page, or the menu item ‘see animals now’ to browse through all we have on offer. We hope to add to these over the next few years.

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