India’s carbon emissions are falling for the first time since 1982

India’s carbon emissions are lower than they have been at any time since 1982 two largely as a result of less oil and coal being burnt for transport and power generation.

While it is a clear blip in the upward trend of carbon emissions from India, it has given the Citizens of India a taste of what it would be like if the country actually paid attention to the emissions put into the atmosphere.

Nadra modi the prime minister of India is keen to clean the power creation in India. There are fledgling power creation in terms of wind and solar power, but hopefully the pressure from the citizens of India will be enough to vastly accelerate this process.

Of enormous advantage in India the price difference is so stark that in many places is is cheaper to abandon fossil fuel power plant early and build Renewable’s from scratch than it is to continue to use fossil fuel. This is the case in almost the whole world and it means that any governmental decision if done fairly I will pick the clean option though in many places due to political pressure it does not happen.

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