Corvid 19 could decimate indigenous groups living un-contacted in Brazilian reserves- as Invaders get nearer

Throughout the exploration of the last few centuries meetings between indigenous people’s and the explorers have really been good. 

Whether the Explorer was met originally by friendly people or by arrows it didn’t matter. The new people bought with them viruses and illnesses to which the indigenous people had no defence whatsoever. In many places where the locals were not killed intentionally they soon succumbed to to these diseases.

Jair bolsonaro the president of Brazil has made it clear that he will not not defend the rights of these people who are part of his countries population. Indeed he has encouraged more land to be stolen, and granted deeds to people who had stolen land before.

Corvid 19 has been documented in communities on the edge of some of these last undisturbed indigenous reserves. If introduced to these remote tribes it will likely kill them all off. Whether intentional or not one of the changes that Jair Bolsonaro has made is to greatly reduce the availability of funds for indigenous health care.

There are many land grabbers who are likely to take advantage of any period of ill health amongst the tribes to steal their land and going on past comments it is possible that the president supports these moves.

Indeed having shown himself to not be governing for the majority of Brazilians he could redeem himself in the eyes of the World by managing this problem effectively and rapidly. Unfortunately going on past performance this is unlikely but the rest of the world must put pressure on him to do the right thing.

It should be noted that this is merely an impact of the increased invasions that have followed Jair Bolsonaro election. Indeed last March a group of indiginous people went to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Given this current threat that has been added by corvid 19 the international community must now act with full strength to change this.

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