Corvid 19 what should the impacts of this virus be on the natural world?

The majority of the Natural World is supported by tourism. As such, the current situation that is sweeping the world is not good.

Corvid 19 is thought to have originated in the wild animal markets of Wuhan, China. Why is this notable? These wild markets keep a huge range of animals, often kept alive in squalid cramped conditions close together.

This unfortunately means that it is the perfect breeding ground for unpleasant bacteria. Indeed it is not the first epidemic that appears to have started in these markets.

Why is this important? Wild animals are not inherently dangerous to human life, when viewing wildlife you generally do not get close enough to catch any illnesses that they have anyway.

What I am saying is that while going into the wilderness to view wild animals is not the safest of activities (it isn’t dangerous if done sensibly), the coronavirus does not increase the danger at all of your wild animals. Indeed because there will be fewer people in these places you are probably safer there than you would be at home.

The travelling to get to these wild places is entirely different. Unless you happen to live within driving distance of a national park or other wild area, you are likely to have to fly to get there. Airports are one of the most dangerous places during an epidemic as people are passing you from all over the world, and then to get to your destination you are squashed into a small metal tube with many other people and enclosed in it for several hours.

Having said that many of the wild parts of the planet are Corvid 19 free. Africa appears to be one of the least hit continents in the world.

Those of us who support the Natural World must make sure that the pause or reduction in the number of people visiting these places is as short as possible.

Furthermore, as before, we should be careful to make sure that the visits we make are as beneficial to the local people as possible.

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